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Thanks for the memories!

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

When I began Dinosauria On-Line in 1995, it was the dawn of web-kind. I was newly introduced to the science of dinosaurs, and was disappointed by the lack of scientific content on the web. I decided to fix that, and DOL was born, quickly becoming a web cause-celebre. However, times changed. Many of the mysteries of dinosaurs were solved to my satisfaction, so my interest began to wane. I began to compete in dog agility, taking much of my free time. The web matured, and today the web sites of museums and enthusiasts alike are a treasure-trove of scientific information. The prices for bandwidth and storage increased beyond what I thought they were worth.

DOL is no longer needed. My interests have changed. Economic reality has kicked in. It is time for DOL to go the way of the non-avian-dinosaurs.

I thank everybody for their support through the years, and bid you a fond farewell.

Note on the sale of the domain name: I have fielded numerous inquiries about selling In addition to Dinosauria On-Line, this domain name has been an integral part of my personal brand with employers, friends and family for over twenty years. While I appreciate the interest, I will not be selling the domain.